Helping Goldman Sachs break into the consumer market and take the intimidation factor out of loan applications.

Marcus is a new kind of financial service from Goldman Sachs. It offers low interest online loans to pay off high interest credit card debts. My contribution includes research, branding, UX and UI design, prototyping and brand assets.

Loans, Simplified

Creating the first ever personalized experience to manage debt in a simple and streamlined product. By giving people back financial control, we changed the perception of Goldman Sachs, a company known for working exclusively with the 1%. Marcus encompasses the heritage of Goldman Sachs in a fresh approachable way.

Persistent and Contextual

Through many design and testing iterations, we put together a streamlined and frictionless landing page experience — one that makes it effortless for customers to sign up. Persistent contextual sidebar navigation was created to help users get through each step.

The persistent sidebar invites the customers to easily pick their loan amount and the monthly payment they are comfortable with. It is also one of the first things they see when first land on

Details Accounted For

We meticulously crafted every UI component to encompass the spirit of simplicity and transparency. We began by building a series of prototypes with interchangeable components that quickly grow into a full ecosystem.

A Familiar Look

As we outlined user experience, we ensured the visual design takes an approachable direction to account for the everyday consumer while maintaining the core look & feel of Goldman Sachs. Two new typefaces and friendly color palette were introduced.

Modernizing the Dollar

I created a set of branded illustrations, borrowing the intricate styles of American currency. Transforming the artwork 3D, I used Cinema 4D to create a system of texture and lighting effects.

Bringing it to Life

Turning the illustrations digital allowed us to be much quicker during each design cycle. We were able to animate each one and iterate them indefinitely without the constraint of resources.

With a background in 3D Animation, I led a team of 3D artists to complete the project.

The Outcome

In 7 months, received over 1.5 million visits.


increase in visitation


applications per day


I've had the pleasure of working with the best designers in my network. My teammates include: Reed Enger, Natalie Be'er, Katie Chin, Todd Torabi, Justin Lafontaine, Megan McLachlan and Mihai Ciobanu. Directors: Charles Fulford and Sophie Kleber.

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